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3 Lessons from My "Company-Naming" Journey

I have been an entrepreneur for 11 years, helping over 50+ companies with their branding. Here are some valuable lessons I've gained while naming my own company.

1. Catchiness is the key!

It's important to note that your brand and registration names can differ. Since the brand name will be more public - it’s essential that it’s catchy, simple and easy to pronounce to make a strong impression.

2. "Four-Letter" Magic

There are multiple studies that suggest that the most popular company names are "four-lettered words" like Nike, Ikea, Dell, Lego etc. They are easy to remember and pronounce. You can always add a prefix or suffix to make it sound more interesting. Like mine is 23 Cape. It’s simple yet intriguing.

3. What's in a name?

While I used to emphasise a lot on the meaning or origin of a name, I've come to realise that it's the branding efforts that truly add value & significance to it. A simple name can have a compelling backstory and the best part is - We get to curate that backstory!

Bonus Tip: Lastly, I’d suggest having a universal name. Something that people from all over the globe can pronounce.


And, that's a wrap!

Thanks for tagging along on our name game. If you liked this article, hop on to our detailed version called "A Step-by-Step Guide to Name your Company". Share your thoughts in the comments

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